The Team Room



  ERIC Y – Head Coach, Veteran Outreach

US Army  SSG , Combat Veteran OIF and OEF

Masters of Science                  Bachelors of Science

CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Mobility Course, CrossFit  Anatomy Course, CrossFit Scaling Course, CrossFit Lesson Planning Course,USAW Sports Performance Coach, US Army Master Resilience Trainer,US Army Tactical Combatives Instructor




Marcus R – Coach

USMC Combat Veteran- GWOT

CrossFit L 1

CrossFit Anatomy Course

ACE Certified Personal Trainer



Julien  (Jules)– Coach

CrossFit L1, CrossFit Scaling course

Black Belt , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brown Belt ,Judo

15 Years Active EMT/FTO



Joey D– Coach,

USCG Veteran

CrossFit L1, CrossFit Anatomy Course

USAW Sports Performance Coach

Unit Fitness Coordinator

SF Fire Fighter


USCG Veteran

CrossFit L1

ANBF Bikini Pro ( American Natural Bodybuilding Federation)

NPC Classic Novice Bikini Champion

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